This good Samaritan helps save this pregnant opossum.

Rarely do we hear stories about animals coming back from death. However, here’s a heartwarming story about a pregnant opossum that would have died was it not for one Judy Obregon, who helped her back to life from a point of virtually no return. This amazing story began when Obregon, the founder of an animal rescue organization in Fort Worth, Texas was driving on her way to her mother-in-law’s place when she noticed the tiny opossum lying on the ground by the road and assumed that it was dead.


But as she turned to leave, the animal lifted its head as if to call her back and ask for some help. On a closer look, Obregon noticed that the animal was actually intact, pregnant, but was unable to walk. But because she wasn’t experienced in taking care of smaller animals, she got in touch with a friend who she knew could help.



As she waited for help to arrive, Obregon named the opossum Angel and kept her safe by wrapping her with a t-shirt and placed her in a box. When help arrived, it was discovered that Angel had been shot with a BB gun on the roof of her mouth.


They treated her injuries, but she appeared to really enjoy the company of Obregon’s husband to an extent of clinging on his chest as they showered her with love. She definitely felt at ease with him, and is probably the cutest animal-human love you’ll see.




Angel is fully healed and was recently released onto “human friendly” private property.