We’ve all been there, out just a little too late (or early depending on your point of view) and all you want to do is just get home and crash.  Well it looks Raccoons aren’t that much different from us after all!

Had a Raccoon been spotted on a subway train in Japan, it could have been no news. This is because it is no longer strange to notice an army of raccoons in Japanese cities after they invaded the country many years back, a story that would befit its own segment. But for a raccoon to be spotted in Toronto, in fact joining commuters in the subway ride, it had to be a peculiar incident that would definitely become internet-famous. Only this time, it actually happened and everybody took it in their strides.

The early Tuesday morning incident happened during the 8 a.m. rush hour on a southbound subway at the Spadina Station in Toronto, Canada. Being a cheeky raccoon, the smoky-eyed mammal appeared totally fearless. Even though it did not attack anybody or fought back, the raccoon majestically stood its ground as it was pictured poking around into the purses of train commuters and raucously sniffing the feet of commuters waiting to board the train on the platform.

The cocky raccoon seemed unfazed with all the attention it got at this critical time of the day with almost every commuter fumbling for a snap of the unwelcomed subway guest. At one point, it did cause a minor commotion when one woman could not stand the critter’s presence in the train and climbed atop a train seat to avoid the grabby mammal.

Unperturbed with the idea of joining humans in the crowded subway, the little raccoon wandered inside the subway before it disappeared down the stairs and into the tunnel after being repelled by a broom-wielding member of staff. This happened after the raccoon caused a four-minutes delay, but many commuters seemed not to mind its presence.

While it is not clear how the raccoon got its way into the subway or whether it reached wherever it was going, but one thing is for sure; the raccoon incredibly utilized its few minutes of fame.