This artist takes face swapping to another level and its brilliant.

Photographer Olivia Lazer is an amazing Photoshop artist. She’s been using her tremendous skills to turn her adorable Shiba Inu canine friend, Zelda, into the star of her personal Instagram account by sending the dog through time as iconic movie characters, Michael Jackson, Bill Gates and many more.

According to the Seattle-based photographer, Zelda’s escapades began when she jokingly shared one of the dog’s light tests on Reddit and garnered more than 25,000 views.

It was then that she realized the 4-year-old dog could be a star on Instagram, especially with the availability of a huge selection of photos on the internet that are ripe for Photoshop magic.

“I have a lot of photos of her and the more she could become someone else the better because it was pretty entertaining to me,” Olivia said. “I randomly became interested in History in Pictures on Facebook, and I’ve so far found a lot of amazing old photos to incorporate her into,” she added.

You can’t blame her, Zelda is even more super cool in these photos.

zeldaboom 01

zeldaboom 02

zeldaboom 03

zeldaboom 04

zeldaboom 05

zeldaboom 06

zeldaboom 07

zeldaboom 08

zeldaboom 09

zeldaboom 10

zeldaboom 11

zeldaboom 12