This is the Happiest Shiba Inu in the World

When it comes to cute pups that know how to make us smile again and again, shiba inu dogs are definitely one of the best. Besides being gorgeous and lovable, shiba inu dogs have infectious smiles that will brighten your day even if its a gloomy one.

On that note, a Japanese shiba inu named Uni is quickly becoming an internet sensation with her extremely picturesque grin.  With more than 13,000 followers on her Instagram account, it’s easy to see that Uni is a special fun-loving girl who’s out to spread joy to your day with every single photo.

As a typically high-spirited dog, Uni loves spending her days out in the park and enjoys swinging on the swings. She can be seen climbing almost every equipment in the park and is much happier to take a ride on the merry-go-round. Additionally, her love for the outside wind and being surrounded by the scent of flowers and other doggy friends is well documented.

As a dog that never tires of watching the world go around while on the swing, we can’t rule out that the look of happiness on Uni’s adorable face may make you want to run out to the park and have a swing on the merry-go-round once more.

Happiest Shiba 01

Happiest Shiba 02

Happiest Shiba 03

Happiest Shiba 04

Happiest Shiba 05