Meet Monique the Chicken Pet that has Sailed around the Globe

Call it a tale of perfect trust and mutual friendship or co-dependence, but this is an absolute proof that the cliché that ‘man’s best friend’ is a four-legged animal with a damp nose doesn’t apply to some, especially to one Guirec Soudee.

For the past 2 years, the 24-year-old Frenchman who happens to be a skillful sailor has traveled around the world in company of his lovely red chicken pet named Monique. The slightly unusual traveling companionship began when the dynamic duo met in Monique’s native Canary Islands and have seen them bask in the Caribbean sun, skateboarded in St. Bart, splashed the cerulean sea and even visited Greenland.

While we aren’t sure if this is what Monique the hen had dreamed about, Guirec had always been dreaming of buying a sailboat and taking it around the world. The idea of taking Monique on his travels was not influenced by the adorable bond that they share on their Instagram photos, but on the plucky hen’s occasional ability to lay eggs thereby being a constant source of food.

Even though Monique spends most of her time admiring the impressive views from the deck, the “little feathered buddy” has learnt how to swim, surf and of course how to pose for the camera.

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