Abandoned dog finally breaks down and lets the neighborhood help him

If you have been following the story of a dog that had been cruelly dumped on a street in Miami, you may feel better to learn that the man’s best friend now has got better chances of leading a normal dog’s life. Having been dumped by a cruel owner at the height of an adverse winter weather and only having a cardboard box to call home, it was a sad and unfortunate situation that could bring any animal lover close to tears.

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Image Credit: Julian Rovito

The dog had its cardboard on corner where the miserable animal had been dumped with its cruel owner, perhaps to fend for himself. He would always be seen staring at passing vehicles and pedestrians with the hope that his owner would soon be coming back to pick him, but that wasn’t to be.

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Image Credit: Julian Rovito

The story that broke out less than a week ago of the unfortunate canine camping on a corner of a Miami street with only a cardboard box and a container of water touched the hearts of many residents in the surrounding neighborhoods who were kind enough to provide him with food and blanket to at least keep him comfortable and dry.

This news broke out after residents had tried to capture him with an aim of bringing him to a proper shelter and care. Conversely, their attempts did not bear fruits as the dog that seemed so loyal to his cruel owner would angrily growl at anyone who came close before escaping only to return later. Luckily, word about the dog’s miserable life quickly spread and by that evening, a GoFundMe page for the dog had donated more than $2,000 with donations coming from a host of countries including England and Australia.

With cornering the canine becoming a challenge to the Good Samaritans who were very willing to help him, heavy rainfall that Thursday evening worked to their favor as it forced the dog to seek solace in a backyard of a nearby home. It was at this yard that the dog was lured by a piece of tasty meat before being cornered into a crate and later driven to Alton Road Animal Hospital.

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Image Credit: Julian Rovito

After arriving at the hospital, the dog was soon named Joey and is said to have been covered in ticks and fleas. His skin was also at its worst condition with cuts everywhere with a sizeable chunk of flesh missing from his nose. Having become part of his characteristic after being cruelly abandoned, Joey snarled furiously as he received treatment. Good enough, that changed once he was provided with a new bed to lie on. He was pictured wagging his tail with happiness after his unfortunate circumstance changed thanks to kind-hearted donors led by one Julian Rovito.

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Image Credit: Julian Rovito