Well you can’t blame a guy, or this case a chimpanzee, for trying.

Television viewers in Japan were on Thursday afternoon treated to what would be arguably categorized as the most daring escape ever seen, perhaps bolder than El Chapo’s last escape from a Mexican prison. This came after an intrepid male chimpanzee named Chacha audaciously escaped from Yagiyama zoological park in Sendai, a city in northern Japan.

According to witness reports, Chacha managed to climb over the wall of his enclosure at the zoo before using a telephone pole as a getaway route. Evading capture from zoo workers, the 24-year-old chimp found his way to the top of tall electricity poles some 250 meters from the zoo where it was tracked down by the zoo workers.

For almost two hours, Chacha gave his attempts to freedom his best shot by doing whatever it took to remain on the loose. This footage shows the middle aged chimp perched atop an electricity pole and roaring loudly and angrily at two zoo workers on a cherry picker. The chimpanzee got so agitated after one of the workers managed to shoot a sedative dart at his back. He screamed furiously and tried to grasp the worker, a move that could have been fatal.

Determined to remain free, Chacha was unwilling to easily give up without a fight. He ran across the power lines and managed to pull out the dart, but unluckily for him, the tranquilizer had taken effect. His attempts to firmly hold onto the electricity lines failed as he suddenly plunged head down into a blanket that was being held by zoo workers, a move which brought to an end his great escape.