This dog became a surrogate mother to these cute little Opossums.

The world may be full of tragic events, but our hearts are always touched when these unfortunate events turn out to be wonderful stories with happy endings. A story of a family reunited after being sent apart as a result of war or a story of a donated organ saving life will definitely melt our hearts with joy. And when a story comes out on Facebook of a group of orphaned opossums adopted by an affectionate dog comes out, we can’t help but get mesmerized by the dog’s big heart.

In mid January, an unfortunate tragedy struck when a litter of helpless opossums were left orphaned after their mother was sadly killed in Brazil. Luckily, the orphaned opossums that were not mature enough to survive on their own were discovered by Facebook user, Stephanie Maldonado. For those in the dark, opossums are arboreal marsupial species with long tails. Small opossum babies have to live in their mother’s pouches for a period of 70 to 125 days of their lives to stand a chance of surviving due to the warmth provided in the pouches.

When Maldonado discovered the tiny opossums, she wanted to send them to a wildlife rescue group. Unfortunately, the rescue group was too full to accept new entrants, leaving Maldonado to keep and feed them. While she could properly feed the opossums, she was unable to properly keep them warm and provide the motherly attention that they dearly craved. That is where her sweet-natured dog, Pretinha, came to the rescue.

In a rather peculiar circumstance, Pretinha seemed to sense that the little opossums needed motherly attention and began caring for them as if they were her own pups. Writing on Facebook, Maldonado noted that Pretinha chipped in in a very heart-warming way. The dog provided the much-required warmth by cuddling, licking and nestling them. In a more captivating way, the dog even allowed her adopted opossums to ride on her back during walks just like their real mother would do.

For over a month now, the opossums are growing strong and healthy, thanks to Pretinha’s love. Maldonado hopes that they will be returned to the wild when they are old enough. Hopefully, they will carry with them the legacy of the love and care provided to them by Pretinha, their adoptive mother.