These Irish Foxes who were rescued after being abandoned won’t let their human rescuer leave their side.

Patsy Gibbons from County Kilkenny in Ireland never planned to have pet foxes, but here he is living the actual “Dr. Doolittle” life. That’s because he’s devoted much of his time taking care of these rescued foxes named Grainne and Minnie.

Even though he never planned for it, Gibbons found himself minding Grainne, the female of the bunch, after finding her as an abandoned, malnourished and close to death pup back in 2007. After some time, Minnie and Henry were also brought to him when locals heard that he was an expert in fox care. While Gibbons had the option of returning the foxes back into the wild after they had fully recovered, it’s apparent that the foxes refused to leave and chose to stay instead!

Gibbons’ unbreakable bond with the foxes has made him some sort of a local celebrity, especially among school kids, who are always eager to meet the creatures whenever he takes his foxy pets around the schools in Ireland. Gibbons now takes his celebrity status in his strides admitting;

“People from all over the country and indeed the UK are now asking me for advice on looking after foxes.”

We all agree that keeping foxes isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, however, Gibbons has coolly gone beyond our ability of nurturing animals considering that he’s got 28 hens, two dogs, two cats and 12 ducks besides his three lovely foxes.

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