The instincts of this red fox are more than it can hadel.

We may consider all pets normal, but some of them are not as ‘normal’ at least in the most conventional sense. Juniper the little red fox is one typical example. Her adorability may mislead you into thinking that she is a little orange puppy. Nonetheless, you are not far off considering that she is a domesticated fox that has been christened; “World’s happiest fox.” Even with all that, Juniper has not in entirety lost her wild instincts.

Doing what any wild fox would if it sensed a prey in a blanket of snow; Juniper took a little sniff on his bed’s white sheets thinking that they were snow before attempting to bury her head into her white surroundings. Oblivious that they were just white bed sheets, Juniper jumped on them expecting an eruption of flakes of ice. She was however, severely heartbroken when nothing happened and the sheets remained intact.

Not being a ‘normal’ pet, Juniper has so far garnered more than 176,000 followers on Instagram with the owner constantly posting her images and videos. She entertains her fans with her wild instincts and playful nature that periodically causes a little trouble around the house all in the name of fun. The owner seems to agree that having Juniper around the house as a pet is far from having just any other conventional pet around.

While she maybe loving, cuddly and playful, Juniper’s owner notes that foxes are not bred to want to gratify people every time like their dog cousins. She may not be utterly adorable every time. She may come out as smelly, which is natural of foxes and may turn nippy and destructive around the house.

Even with these notable negative traits, it is Juniper’s loveable nature and happy personality that shines through as she continues to melt the hearts of many on the internet. Despite missing snow on her bed, her Instagram photos portray her looking rather content, playful and happy at all times.