This photographer knows how to get that little extra from her subjects.

From odd-looking cat gifs, puppy memes to funny dog videos and even an over-friendly Capybara, pet and animal photos are one of the most omnipresent sightings on the internet as they are available in the millions. And whenever you find a photo of an animal, or animals for that matter, that’s paired with the right photographer, it rises above everything else and becomes a real work of art. We’ve seen lots of them, but these ones from self-taught photographer, Elke Vogelsang are up there with the very best.

In her spare time, Vogelsang likes taking intimate and playful portraits of her three pet dogs Scout, Loli and Noodles. The trio frequently find themselves in front of her camera and they appear to be asking just how insane she’s become. The photographer, who’s based in Hildesheim, Germany, has developed a tendency of capturing this lovely trio at their most expressive moments, which result to equally humorous and heartwarming photos.

Her photos vividly portray the dogs with grace and with a sense of adorable personality. These portraits can surely rival those sharp close-ups that we often encounter in major magazines. Take a look.