This is not a normal love story, but it is one of the most beautiful love stories.

This penguin from Patagonia in Chile is probably the most loyal animal in the world. The penguin has traveled over 5,000 miles since 2011 to visit the Brazilian man who saved him from the brink of death.

The touching relationship between the penguin, known as JinJin, and Joao Pereira de Souza, a 71-year-old former bricklayer and part time fisherman, began five years ago when he found the little penguin on a beach in a fishing village near Rio de Janeiro. The penguin, was lying among rocks on the beach in from of de Souza’s home with its entire body covered in oil and almost starving to death.

Pereira cleaned and fed the bird on a fish diet every day before releasing him back into the wild. However, the penguin refused to leave and stayed with his human friend for almost a year before eventually vanishing into the ocean.

After a few months, the penguin returned to Brazil and has since returned regularly to be with de Souza who says the bond has only grown deeper over the years and like every love story has and element of jealousy to it. JinJin is so possessive that he won’t allow other animals to be near de Souza when he’s with him. Proves that love knows no bounds.