Malibu Dog Training takes on a cat, with incredible results.

Veteran dog trainer, Robert Dollwet, has trained dogs for Hollywood TV and movie industry, for work with the military, and has assisted private owners with their canines over the past 30 years. Dollwet, an animal behaviourist, has also helped dogs overcome aggression and other negative traits, with the goal of four-legged and two-legged family members understanding each other and happily co-existing.

After moving his business, Malibu Dog Training, to the Gold Coast in Australia from his native California, Dollwet thought of the idea to create a YouTube channel with the view of educating people about caring for their felines and to showcase their intelligence and trainability. In April of 2012, he adopted an energetic thirteen-week-old kitten, who would become the star of the channel, and named her Didga (pronounced Did-ja).

Since then, Didga has garnered more than 40 million Youtube views and over 90 million on Facebook, and after watching the videos you’ll see why: the videos showcase Didga’s incredible talents, and are really quite an eye-opener for those that believe that cats are limited in their ability or desire to learn.

One of our favorites below, Didga Dreams Big, is a compilation of Didga’s tricks, and really captures the relationship and focus between her and Dollwet. Amusingly, it also shows just how confident she is, especially when skateboarding or surfing on her dog friend in the pool.

Okay, we have more than one favorite…below is a video of Didga riding skateboard around the scenic beach town of Coolangatta, Australia. Not only is Didga riding the skateboard, she’s jumping obstacles too. Training and practicing for the video took 18 months, and then it was 6 months of shooting and editing before the video was ready. Watch and enjoy.

In 2015, Dollwet adopted Boomer, a Bengal kitten, to add to the video cat fun and give Didga a permanent playmate. Since then Boomer has been gaining popularity himself, already starring in a few videos of his own. If you’re up for another video moment, catch this one, showing an eleven-week-old Boomer coming home and meeting Didga for the first time.

For more on Boomer, see our story.

Dollwet has experienced such success (and it looks like fun as well) with Didga and Boomer that he has stopped training dogs, at least for the moment, focusing on cats. We can see why he’s hooked.