These are some of the most stunning shots of a cat that we’ve seen in a while.

For cat lovers seasons may change, but the cats always remain the same. One person, who can fully attest to this, is Magdalena Grześkowiak. As a professional photographer who lives in a city where her cat has to look at the outside world through the window, Magdalena decided to take her lovely cat named Kate with her on almost every adventure throughout the seasons, and it turns out to be a really mesmerizing expedition.

Their relationship began in the summer of 2014 when Magdalena rescued and adopted Kate as an adorable kitty. She took her back to her apartment in Drawno, Poland and soon realized that Kate was more than just a feline companion.

However, they didn’t always have time for proper excursion in the city so they soon started exploring the beauty of Poland from the forest to the sea. Kate became Magdalena’s favorite photography subject as she snapped her every step. You won’t believe how it turned out. These are some gorgeous pictures of an adventure-loving cat.

Scroll through this amazingly cool gallery and keep up with Kate’s super adventurous life throughout the seasons on Instagram.