There’s no doubt that Costa Rica is one of the world’s most beautiful places for tourists to visit, but it’s also home to one of the world’s most unique animal shelters.

A privately funded organization in Costa Rica is making waves across borders for being a volunteer-run, no-kill dog sanctuary that’s basically a paradise for stray dogs and, of course, dog lovers.

Territorio de Zaguates (land of the strays), is a unique animal shelter located in the Central American nation. With its tropical year-round climate, this place is heaven on Earth for more than 900 stray dogs that are allowed to roam and run freely on rolling green hills throughout the day. The dogs are provided with fresh water that is available in abundance on the property and are afforded comfortable beds in sheltered structures while volunteers are always in hand to feed and bathe them.


This impressive free range sanctuary employs a practice of giving each dog a name and a distinctive breed name that is specific to each animal. The shelter also champions for the well-being of mixed-breed dogs, which are often deemed as inferior to pure breeds. In fact, these mixed breeds are celebrated in the shelter for their one-of-a-kind traits.

Even though these cute pooches look happy and stress-free while enjoying the sun in this marvelous free-range paradise, they are all available for adoption. You can book a flight to this Costa Rican doggy wonderland and adopt one of these unique dogs, but before that, take a look at their adorable photos.


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