This cool little kitty pays back the dude who save it by being there for him.

This is definitely one the most heart-warming stories of returning a favor that you will ever come across. Lazarus, the cat, has a role-reversal story that will teach us a lot about helping others when they are in need. He hasn’t even imagined leaving the side of his human dad, Branden Bingham, since Branden returned home with a broken leg after a skate park accident.

The special kitten had been found near death by the Bingham family in Utah last thanksgiving. He was buried under a huge snowstorm and wasn’t breathing when they found him, but they rushed him inside their home, placed him near the fireplace to make him warm and gave him a CPR that brought him back to life. The tiny cat was not only given the second chance to life by this caring family, but was also showered with lots of love and attention that helped him completely recover.

So when Branden returned home after spending four days in the hospital for surgery on his broken leg, Lazarus instantly knew that Branden needed some love back and the tiny kitty sat on his lap and supplied him with all the purrs and snuggles to help him heal.

Branden said;

“Lazarus has been the best recovery buddy anyone could ever ask for. He’s mellower and seems to be aware of what’s going on. He makes me feel like it’s less about him and more about me.”

Branden’s wife also said;

“Lazarus kept meowing for the days Branden was away at the hospital and kept waiting in places he would normally be. When people came over to visit and he’d run to the door thinking that it was Branden.”

And they say cat’s don’t give back.