That and ramen and sriracha and wine and a host of other cool props on its head.

See, the world of social media is a breakneck platform where each one of us tries to outdo one another. Imagine just how difficult it can be to stand out from the crowd when surrounded by a sea of Kim Kardashian selfies. No doubt, pretty difficult. However, here’s Princess Cheeto; an adorable cat that’s working extra hard with support from her owner, Hugo Martinez, to change that.

Martinez adopted the cat when he moved from California to New York City in 2012 and promptly named her Princess Cheeto. Even from the name choice, it was pretty clear that the cat was destined for absolute greatness.

As partners in crime, Martinez began taking incredible photos of Princess Cheeto rocking different attires and hairstyles, posted them on Instagram for the cat’s more than 80k followers. She has since outshone every Instagram cat vying for the spotlight and is certainly the coolest feline on the internet.

Watch out Kim Kardashian, Princess is out to take your throne. You still doubt that? She can rock a wig; pretend to be an octopus, rock some ‘Deal With It’ shades, among her many more effortless styles.

Princess Cheeto 11

Princess Cheeto 10

Princess Cheeto 09

Princess Cheeto 08

Princess Cheeto 07