This Husky decided that the place needed a fresher look.

You’d be forgiven for ever thinking that interior designing is a talent only meant for humans. This is after one Husky proved that what humans can do, dogs can do even better. In a simultaneously cringe-worthy and hilarious story, a pooch decided to display his “Dennis the Menace” and artistic rookie talent all over the apartment after his owners left him in the house to go to the movies.

When they returned home three hours later, they were rather astonished by what they saw, and had many question over who might have been the culprit. The naughty dog had somehow managed to paint the entire place using some non-toxic Chinese calligraphy ink he’d miraculously found. The hilarious photos suggest that the Husky spilled the ink on the floor and then walked all over the place, leaving his paws marked on almost everything in the apartment.

The mischievous mutt walked around the place many times while waiting for the family to return. The prints of his paws are visible everywhere, across the floor, under the table, around the dining room, to behind the sofa and even an absolutely artistic one on the bed, which was perhaps a creative way of proving his authorship.

There’s no doubt that the husky’s owners will surely lock up the calligraphy ink in a secure location next time they make a trip out and decide leave the dog home alone. While we’ve always known that huskies are working dogs, these viral sets of photos prove that they’re designer dogs too.

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