Ritchie the cat is quite the leader. And quite the poser.

Cats and dogs are never known for being friendly with one another. There are lots of stories about the rivalry between these two lovely pets. On the contrary, a wonderful, and probably quite patient, cat named Richie and his seven Chihuahua friends are is proving that cats and dogs can get along really well – as long as he’s in charge.

Five year old Ritchie lives with the Yuta family and their seven Chihuahuas, and is considered by all to be the Alpha of the four-legged group.  While Ritchie is loved by all of his doggie friends, apparently Ritchie’s best friend is Kuma, the youngest dog in the pack. Richie is protective of little Kuma and never lets an opportunity to snuggle together pass by.  This canine-feline affection is a fine example of nurture vs nature.

You never know, Ritchie just may be convinced that he is a dog himself – in the following photos he certainly appears to dress just like them :).  Collectively they must share quite the closet – dresses, t-shirts and PJs too.  Sharing clothes and playing dress-up…it’s a dog’s life.  And for Ritchie, it’s a cat’s life too.