Cat that was rescued from a market in Oman, now getting the life it deserves.

Moet the blind cat is probably enjoying such a lavish and exciting lifestyle that you wouldn’t believe she’s blind. But before all that, the white Persian cat had gone through a very unfortunate streak.

While we are not sure where she lived before being brought to a pet shop in Muscat, Oman, it’s evident that she had lived in an awful condition full of filth. In her former life, Moet never had enough food, water and suffered from a variety of the feline flu. This lack of proper care made her more and more sick to an extent that it eventually affected her vision until she couldn’t see at all.

Luckily enough, rescue came her way and she was taken to her current facility where she’s received everything she deserves from love and utmost comfort to enough food and clean water. And because her eyes were seriously infected, her rescuers had them removed. She’s now in less pain and feels much better.

Now that she’s gained a zest for life, Moet’s future surely “looks” bright, despite being blind.