Doggy Love is the Only Gift a Soldier Returning Home Needs

We have all shed tears of joy watching soldiers return home to their families after serving their nation, sometimes even risking their lives for the good of others.

The sacrifice that the soldiers make is incomparable and yet, we also cannot help but notice the sacrifices that the families make in being away from someone they love so dearly.

Well, while these videos can never grow old – all of us have spent hours watching one after another with loads of used tissues and warmed hearts to show for it afterwards.

Now, there’s another angle to these reunions too, and they involve animals. We all know how loving dogs are towards their humans, and vice versa. and this video shows you how all this love comes pouring out when dogs find one of their favorite humans returning home after a deployment.

Oh, and after this pair is done with the soldier, they still have plenty of love left to share with the rest of the family too!