Anthropomorphic Photography at Its Best

One could say that bugs have a PR problem, but it’s actually more than that. Apart from being feared and disliked, insects are among the most distrusted and loathed group on the planet. This is perhaps because they destroy crops and their stings come with nasty venom, but not for French photographer Pascal Goet, who sees the tiny creatures from a completely different perspective.

Not only does Goet share his passion for insects through his speeches, but he’s also using a great photography technique to portray a world of insects that we’ve never seen before. Without changing the colors or the shapes of the insects, Goet uses refined and gentle shadows to highlight another personality of the insects that’s very far from their conventional full-tilt madness.

Beautifully Buggy 1

For close to two decades, Goet has been getting up close and personal with insects by capturing them in his photos and unbelievably highlighting their anthropomorphic looks. The veteran photojournalist, who is based in Méré, France, reveals the most beautiful intricacies of the insect kingdom that escapes the naked eye.

“My main reason for capturing and portraying these insects in such a marvelous way is to remove man’s abhorrence for the insects and make them to at least love them because they’re beautiful creatures,” Goet says.

Not sure we’ll ever get to the love stage, but based on these shots we’re willing to tolerate them a bit more…maybe.

Beautifully Buggy 2

Beautifully Buggy 3

Beautifully Buggy 4

Beautifully Buggy 5

Beautifully Buggy 6

Beautifully Buggy 7

Beautifully Buggy 8