A Beautiful Blanket of Snow Webs

There’s a strange phenomenon that goes down in Australia, and when you delve into the details, its actually quite eerie.  It involves a beautiful scene that seems perfect but then, the reality of it shocks the living daylights out of you.

This story, which makes for brilliant visuals coupled with a scary reality, show us what looks to be a beautiful blanket of snow at first glance…but its actually something else entirely. We are actually looking at spider webs covering the entire landscape, and we all know that where there are loads of spider webs there are bound to be hundreds of spiders too, right?

So here’s what’s actually happening.  In Australia, and in a few other places around the globe, the rains sometimes bring down unwanted guests – baby spiders. Literally falling out of the sky, these spiders then move on to weave their magic on their immediate surroundings and what transpires are large areas of land that are covered completely with spider webs. These webs are so extensive, and pure white in color, that it looks like a a fresh blanket of snow.

One such occurrence happened on May 4th, 2015 when the folks of Goulburn, in New South Wales, awoke to a morning that seemed beautiful. They then realized that the white blanket covering everything the eye could see was the handiwork of spiders.

“There were millions of individual threads coming down, with spiders. No matter where you looked there were spiders floating along. We had easily a couple of hundred spiders on one six-meter wall of our house,” said farmer Ian Watson.

With hundreds of spiders taking over the roofs of their homes and just about every other bit of property, it was a concerning and although the thought of them only being baby spiders seemed to offer little solace.

We feel bad for some of the residents, but wow are we glad someone caught all of this.

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