Pretty much like any other toddler, this elephant doesn’t want to let it’s mother out of her sight!

Cozying up to an animal friend in the sofa is probably among the most pleasant things in the world. But when your animal friend is Moyo, a 14-month-old baby elephant at the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery, you may think otherwise. He is obviously adorable, but has lately become a nuisance around the house and follows Roxy Danckwerts, her foster mum, wherever she goes.

Moyo’s story is a touching one. She was saved from drowning when she was barely a week old after she attempted to cross a flooded river with the rest of the herd. The older elephants sadly abandoned her, but she was lucky when rangers found her just ahead of a pack of hyenas that were baying for her blood. The rangers took Moyo to a wildlife sanctuary where she met Roxy. The pair instantly became attached to one another, leading to Roxy’s decision to adopt the orphaned baby elephant.

Roxy, who is a renowned wild animal rehabilitator and founder of Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery, took Moyo home and gave her access to almost every part of her home. At first, Moyo was so adorable and the pair could always cuddle on the sofa. Roxy would let Moyo enjoy her little runs in the house and clamber on the furniture. But at 14 months, Moyo started her little wayward ways. Moyo cannot let Roxy out of her sight, and follows her foster mum everywhere in the house.

“She not only knows my voice, but also knows my smell and seems to know where I am every single minute”, said Roxy.

To make it worse, Moyo keeps getting bigger, more difficult to handle and raids almost everything around the house. She now eats house plants, raids the kitchen and riffles through every other place using her growing trunk. She loves snatching bread and has developed a tendency of chewing on cutlery. Even though Moyo first came in as a very weak, malnourished baby elephant, Roxy is now forced to ensure that Moyo is taken care of round the clock.

Roxy notes that Moyo may just be a little girl growing up and trying to find her own space, but is fast getting too big for everything in the house. She concedes that they have formed an astonishing bond of friendship and love that will obviously make letting Moyo go very hard. Nonetheless, she will eventually let Moyo go when the right time comes and will not deny the baby elephant the freedom to roam and make her own choices in the wild.