This team of audio engineers gives us the true Kylo outtakes.

Some years back, Luke Skywalker set a high bar in the original Star Wars movie as an annoying and whining space teen that couldn’t just stop going to Toshi Station for some power converters. Even with that, Kylo Ren has surpassed that mark by being the latest unbearable youth in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That has not only turned the young commander into a villain, but has also made him ripe for various amazing parodies.

However, this latest spoof, which is done by folks at Auralnauts, is probably the best so far. It involves Kylo Ren, who’s apparently everyone’s favorite high-pitched murdering kid (or maybe second favorite), doing some Rihanna’s version of ‘Work’ and somehow perfectly weaving into Game of Thrones.

The brilliantly spoofy video, which is unaltered, focuses on various scenes from last year’s hit movie, but is full of epic dialogues that have been slightly modified to show that Kylo is misunderstood, probably because of his unwieldy mask.

This is definitely one of those videos that make us appreciate all the movie characters with distorted voices that can be vividly parodied by cool folks like Auralnauts.