This guys is a hardcore film fan and to prove it he’s taking us on a journey of some of the most iconic locations from scenes to show us what they look like today.

We love Hollywood and we may be hardcore film followers, unsought critics, occasional autograph hunters or simply, part of the crowd that loves to unwind on those lazy weekends with a favorite titles. Whatever the case may be or whatever the intensity, there’s a film fan in all of us thanks to the tremendous influence the audio visual world has on our lives.

Now, there are fans that go completely out of their way to profess their love for movies, and some of them make for great stories indeed, and since most of us can’t do what these guys go out and do, we simply live our dreams through them.

So, if you have had a recurring dream of visiting film locations that just don’t seem to get out of your head, there is a strong chance that the man you need is already out there – Phil Grishayev.

Grishayev is from Los Angeles, so his craze for movies is understood. However, instead of simply waiting to run into the occasional movie star out on the streets of LA, this young film buff decided to grab his camera, to visit some of the iconic locations that have been portrayed in popular films. Oh, and he tries to strike the same poses that the actors in the movie did too, even managing to zero in on the exact camera angles.

Grishayev shares his memories through some wonderful images – and dozens of them – via his Instagram account, and boy, does that page look great!

Here’s one from Back to the Future that immediately catches your attention, thanks to the car that made you wish you had a similar machine too.


Here’s Grishayev in China Town, trying to copy the body language of Chris Tucker from the movie Rush Hour.

Then & Now Movies 70

He doesn’t even shy away from striking a pose like Marilyn Monroe at Paradise Beach!

Then & Now Movies 44

There’s even one where Albert Einsten is posing with his wife outside their home in Pasadena, in 1930!

Then & Now Movies 65

Check out Phil Grishayev’s official Instagram page for the entire lineup of some great images.

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