Hard to imagine, but the Cohen brothers have been making us laugh, cry, question and think for 30 years now.

They had their debut with the movie; Blood Simple. And after 16 movies, spanning over thirty years, the Coen Brothers can still lay viable claims to being the best in the filmmaking industry. Having placed movies fans on the edges of their seats with their exceptional mastery of filmmaking, YouTuber, somersetVII has come up with intriguing clip of some the pair’s cinematic moments as a way of tribute to their amazing job.

Whether it is about their fierce characters, swearing words, dance sequences, comedic nature or dramatic themes, there is virtually no movie from Coen Brothers that you can argue against. With their latest movie, Hail Caesar, currently available in the theaters, it is advisable to start with this short tribute to these amazing filmmakers, before embarking on their latest work. Watch this video, it’s full of fun.