Never short on irony, the writers for ‘The Simpsons’ are always looking for ways to pay homage to some of the most classic movies

It is true that many people’s interest in The Simpsons have waned, perhaps going with their increase in age and commitments to other adult-life causes. That aside, it is better to agree with the rest of the world The Simpsons, was and still, is a treasure trove of many movie references both on a satirical and sight gag levels.

Whether you truly loved the cartoon family from Springfield or had the chance to watch just a handful of episodes, it is unreservedly difficult to refute that the show dropped countless movie references not only to please fans, but also to express the show’s affinity with the pop culture that was creating waves at the time.


To help you relive some of these movie references, one dedicated fan of the show rounded up more than two dozen of the show’s movie references in a clip in a side-by-side stance to the movies that the references are paying homage to. The clip that was created by Vimeo user, Celia Gomez, goes a long way in showing that The Simpsons is one incredible show that gives the film world stunning parodies of many classic moments in films.

Given that The Simpsons script writers are a large eclectic assemblage, they are capable of involving some movie references in a way that you might not realize. Nevertheless, Celia perfectly highlights these references alongside the real movie scenes where the show took inspiration from, just to let you understand them better.

Now that this is an ultimate clip worth watching, hats off to the creator of this clip and special recognition to The Simpsons creators.