The trailer for Season 3 of one of our favorite shows is here and we can’t wait.

At the end of Silicon Valley Season 2, Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) and the Pied Piper gang seemed to be getting their act together and things were destined to work out. But as it has always happened, things came crashing down in a terrible manner full of hilarious disappointments.

After having his company taken away from him, Richard makes a spectacular plea in season 3 teaser to take back the control of his company. He looks tough and intimidating on regaining the control of, Pied Piper, the company he started and believes he is ready to do a pretty good job as the CEO.

But even in the presence of his Pied Piper associates; Dinesh, Jared, Gilfoyle and Erlich, Richard seems to undergo through lots of humiliation in the comedy show that portrays this comedic bunch trying to navigate the murky waters of the tech world.

This hilarious teaser of Silicon Valley season 3 that returns on April 24 is already dramatic. Nobody is going to accept a CEO who wears a bad blazer and feverishly nose bleeds after breaking his nose at someone’s desk.