For a big chunk of the population, the VHS term will be lost on them, but this is an ode to a time when you had to actually leave your house to watch a movie.

Many people under a certain age, probably 20 or so, may not fully understand the important roles that local video stores played a decade or so ago. Video stores are a long gone memory now that we’re in the world of Netflix and many other streaming services that makes visiting video stores redundant.

Even though it’s in the past, reminiscing over video stores bring back sweet memories for a lot of people.  Unlike today, visiting these stores would afford you the opportunity of spending more time perusing movies through their VHS covers before deciding on the one to pick.

And because renting a movie from the video store meant that you had to pay a fee (as well as outrageous late fees), it meant that you had to invest your time watching the movie rather than just having it playing in the background while concentrating on another thing. These are some of the reasons why generations that grew up going to the video store hold dear the VHS cover experience as tight as they do.


To bring back these sweet memories of the videotape era, an imgur user (and possibly a fan of the old-school movie era) created a fun series of images where modern movies are given a retro VHS-style treatment. This transformation touches on movies such as; Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant, Ex Machina, The Dark Knight Rises, Under The Skin and many more.







French artist Julien Knez did his own take on some of his favorite movies too…

breakingbad-vhs-golem13-2 dexter-vhs-golem13-2 game-of-thrones-vhs-golem13 gravity-vhs-golem13-2 guardians-of-the-galaxy-vhs-golem13 interstellar-vhs-golem13 the-grand-budapest-hotel-vhs-golem13-2 the-walking-dead-vhs-golem13 the-wolf-of-wall-street-vhs-golem13

Just like you had to find time to visit the video stores in the good old days, find time and check how these modern films would have looked back in the days of VHS covers. Take a cool walk down the video isle.