Artist recreates the classic Kubrick film recreated in a 360 degree VR setting.

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is considered one of the best psychological horror films of all time, and a work that brought to life Diane Johnson’s novel, in a way only a Kubrick film can. Of course, Jack Nicholson’s work in the film is remembered as one of his career-best too.

We all know this is an evergreen classic, never losing its sheen even in the presence of modern works of cinema, and while fans go around revering the movie through their words even today – you can catch refreshing trailers made by fans on YouTube even today – here’s a digital artist going an extra mile or two.

Claire Hentschker, as part of a virtual reality experiment, has created a 30-minute video depicting the three-dimensional space that we witness in the film, and has then retraced the camera movements too, to take us through it all.

An excellent work in photogrammetry, Hentschker has used 3D elements from the original movie, then stitching up the extracted fragments to recreate a new world that can be explored through modern-day VR.

Drag your mouse along and you can replay every bit of space depicted in the iconic movie through a new angle, an action that reveals the amount of detailing that Hentschker has put into the 30-minute creation. Every VR artists know just how much of work goes into recreating even a minute of footage in 3D form, and here we have a 30-minute work to derive true VR pleasure from.

So put on those VR headsets and sit back to enjoy Kubrick’s excellent work from a new perspective.