Using an objective eye you can probably come up with some very interesting plot lines for classic movies and here’s a collection of them. You can thank us later.

We all know that social media, Twitter in particular, can present joy and sorrow to situations in equal measures. Now, imagine giving Twitter the chance to briefly explaining various movie plots based on the cover pictures. They’ll not only get clever and hilarious explanations, but will likely explain the plots so badly that they might actually be good.

That’s what happened when trending hashtag #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly came into existence. For a few weeks now, this hashtag has been full of uproarious movie explanations and there’s no indication that it’s stopping anytime soon.

Just to jog your memory, how would you describe Leonardo DiCaprio’s, The Revenant, based on its photo cover? Possibilities are endless, however, one Twitter user, @GoddamnItDawud, literally ran away with this episode’s trophy by writing: “Leonardo DiCaprio wanders a frozen wasteland in search of an Oscar.” We couldn’t agree more. They’re extremely hilarious, check them out.