This Captain America Uber Fan decided to build his own real life shield and put it to the test.

While Captain America’s shield mainstream popularity began after the release of Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011, it has been a significant part of Captain America since 1941. The fictional American patriotic hero uses the almost indestructible shield for his defensive and offensive missions both in his live-action and printed page escapades.

With Captain America: Civil War just around the corner, professional shooter Jerry Miculek a.k.a “The greatest shooter of all time” recently put a real-life version of the Captain’s shield to test with the results surprising almost everyone. Taking into account that the impossibly strong metal “vibranium” that’s used to make Captain America’s trademark disc is all fictional and doesn’t exist in reality, Miculek and his team resorted to using titanium in vibranium’s place.

Besides the metal used, the team crafted the shield in exact proportions and dimensions of the “disc of patriotism.” It weighed at exactly 12 pounds just like the shield in the movie and in the comics, and Miculek’s team made an actually superb recreation of the Captain’s shield that any cosplay character would be proud of.

And when it came to testing Miculek’s Captain America shield against bullets from a Colt 45 ACP the shield definitely didn’t disappoint as it showed that Captain America shield can actually be a protective unit and an offensive one so watch this video and see it for yourself.