Daredevil’s head writer is set to direct Pacific Rim 2.

Even though many fans of Kaiju and Jaegers were actually losing hopes of ever seeing them again on the screens, it now looks like Pacific Rim has gained the power to overcome the ‘dust of delay’ that had always pegged it back. The action-packed sci-fiction movie is in line for production with a Pacific Rim 2 follow-up, but at a cost that will have Guillermo Del Toro replaced as the director.

Pacific Rim 2, which is a step closer to reality, has been put on hold on several occasions for unclearly explained reasons. Going against all these challenges, this follow-up is now in production and is set for the screens around April 2017. Steve DeKnight, who is set to replace Del Toro as the director, will be making his directorial debut in the film. He is famed for creating worldwide TV hit, Spartacus and as the head writer for Netflix’s hit, Daredevil. The highly talented DeKnight has also been instrumental in a host of other TV hits such as Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville.

With Del Toro’s blessings, DeKnight is expected to take Pacific Rim 2 to even higher levels. When released, this follow-up will be expected to surpass the $411 million that the original Pacific Rim grossed in 2013. There are no details on the film’s plot, but it’s likely to introduce fresh territories full of amazing sights and epic battles.