Looks like this stunt caught some people off guard when a Double Decker exploded on a Sunday morning in Central London.

When a double-decker bus was blown up at the Lambeth Bridge in Central London, horrified onlookers dialed emergency lines to report the incident that took place just a couple of yards from the parliament buildings. These onlookers seem totally unaware that the explosion, which was evocative of the 7/7 attacks in New York, was part of a movie stunt.

In fact, the Scotland Yard did confirm that they received emergency calls with petrified onlookers reporting that London was probably under attack from terrorists. Unknown to them, the red bus that burst into a huge fireball was part of a stunt for an upcoming movie, The Foreigner, starring movie legend, Jackie Chan.

The stunt that was supervised by many acclaimed movie producers and directors including former Bond star, Pierce Brosnan, caught some Londoners unawares after they claimed that they were not informed that such an incident would take place. The police, who were informed that the explosion would happen, quickly assured panicked callers that it was just a public stunt for a movie.

Many Londoners later took to Twitter to vent their fury for not being informed that such a loud and fiery explosion was, indeed, fake. They thought that the stunt and those who staged it, as well as London authorities were so insensitive not to inform the public, taking into consideration that some Londoners lived through the terrible suicide bombings that took place in 2005, where 52 people lost their lives including 13 in a double-decker bus on Tavistock Square.

The Sunday morning incident saw flames shooting in the air as a result of an explosion that broke off the roof of the bus on the Lambeth Bridge. While many claimed that they were not informed, it later appeared that the movie’s producers had posted a warning on a website informing people that there would be action on the bridge.

The explosion, which was controlled and operated by a special effects team, was described as full of ‘gritty action thriller’.