In interesting marketing stunt leading up to the release of the movie, the actors from the ‘Ring’ and the ‘Grudge’ took to the field in Japan.

The Ring and The Grudge may have thousands of diehard fans all over the world, but the Japanese are probably the ones that adore the horror in both these movies the most. Then again, there’s only one other thing that the Japanese love more than horror movies, and that’s baseball.

So, what do you get when you combine the deadly trio of The Ring, The Grudge and Japanese baseball? An event worth remembering, and surely worth passing around on the internet for years to come.

At a game between the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and the Yakult Swallows, the ceremonial pitch would have been a simple run of the mill affair if it wasn’t the presence for some unearthly creatures from hell, and true horror fans would know who they are as soon as they get even a glimpse of their pale white features. Well, even those who weren’t horror fans didn’t have an option but to sit through this extraordinary first pitch ceremony.

It all began with a few Japanese cheerleaders going about the routine before the start of the game, but soon, all hell broke loose with the screen in the stadium flickering and then going dead, a surefire sign of an unearthly presence. And then, as Sadako from The Ring appeared on the screen with her infamous features covered with hair and that white nightgown that has witnessed so many deaths, the cheerleaders had no option but to run for their lives.

Well, the cheerleaders may have fallen short of the roles they were expected to play but Sadako, Kayako and Kayako’s son Toshio, sure carried off their parts with an eerie realistic touch. Toshio even had an “I Love Kayako” t-shirt, which had the pale white boy once again declaring his devotion to his scary mother, who sure looked mortifying in her blood-stained clothes.

Well, the horror moves and that hair blocking her view sure didn’t mess up Sadako’s pitch, and she managed to throw in a perfect one. Kayako matched the effort though, sending away a cracker to left field and then collapsing while attempting a run to first base. Toshio had her back of course, and did the honor of running the bases for her.

A promotional event that brings attention to the Sadako vs. Kayako movie that hits theaters on June 18, this ceremonial pitch was one that would certainly give us nightmares for a while. And we have a strong feeling that the players must have murmured an extra prayer or two before taking to the diamond this time around.