Ghostbusters Get their Own Fast Food

Japan is one country in the world that’s well-known for coming up with food items made out of some of the most inexplicable ingredients ever.  And to pay homage to an upcoming Ghostbusters film, a Japanese restaurant known as J.S. Burgers Café has put together a “special” menu with Ghostbuster-themed dishes.

While the upcoming movie will hit the theaters on July 15, this temporary menu will be available from July 1 to September 30. During this period, dishes such as GB burger that features a black olive, purple cabbage and anchovy paste will be on offer. You’ll also have the chance to tuck in a Marshmallow Mad burger that replaces meat with roasted Oreos and marshmallows, which is sprinkled with a mysterious red goop.


Keep in mind that this calorie-rebelling meal also has an appetizer, a smoothie and a dessert. You can start off by munching on some weird “black chilli chips”, take the main meal (which is the uniquely made burgers) before washing it down with a smoothie, which is basically a kiwi-flavored drink topped with burger-shaped candies.


We really wonder how your stomach would react to this monstrous menu. Nonetheless, it’s probably worth trying.

ghostbusters-themed-menu-japan-03 ghostbusters-themed-menu-japan-04