The director of ‘Fast and the Furious’, ‘Tokyo Drift’ and a bunch of other big movies does a project with Google ATAP.

What would you do if you were dropped into the heart of downtown Los Angeles and out of the blue, meteor showers sailing through the sky crash into the city and leave an unfathomable scar on the streets of Chinatown? Trust us; you’d probably look for some form of help.

Now, imagine what would happen next if you are chased down by a terrifying alien creature that looks more like a Godzilla in a scene reminiscent of a classic extraterrestrial bloodlust. That’s exactly what this latest immersive live action 360⁰ movie called HELP is all about.

Produced for Google’s Spotlight Stories by Justin Lin, the fame director of four Fast and Furious movies, HELP is a short live-action 360 degree film that only lasts five minutes. It’s packed with gripping and fast-moving actions, explosions and special effects. This extremely simplified movie is based on an alien invasion scenario that would have you running for your dear life with a lot of twists that include the alien growing from a dog-sized creature to a full blown dino before causing panic and full terror right in the middle of downtown Los Angeles.

Watching this compelling short movie is evocative of the 90s arcade shooters like Area 51 or Virtual Cop in the sense that it drags you into an horrifying fight for survival that involves a lot of shooting at the alien creature.

The best part of the movie, however, is that it’s way cooler when you play it on your phone. This because using the phone will allow you to unlock various mini-stories within the story, thereby enhancing the immersive experience in at least a novel enough way to make you say;  “wow, cool.”