Turn Your Car into a Mad Max Fury Ride

There’s arguably no movie series that has apprehended the revolutionary dystopian science-fiction feel as imaginatively as George Miller’s Mad Max films. This success is partly and importantly owed to vehicular beasts that have been presented in the movies over the years.

Call them weird, ridiculous or cool, but these vehicles were crazily modified in ways that only befit their post-apocalyptic warfare purposes. Even with that, an artist named Scott Park is literally taking this Mad Max game to another level by reimagining a number of cars from famous TV shows and movies for you to see how they’d appear in the incredible universe of Mad Max.

Scott uses cars such as DeLorean from Back To The Future, the van from A-Team, the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story and the 1960s Batmobile among many others, which you can find on Scott’s Tumblr page.

As he casually says,

“This is what one should expect if Fury Road took place in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York or any other major city.”

Cars Gettin' The Mad Max Treatment 02

Cars Gettin' The Mad Max Treatment 03

Cars Gettin' The Mad Max Treatment 04

Cars Gettin' The Mad Max Treatment 05