He’s been on the screen for more years than any of us want to admit knowing and it took a movie that pushed him to his physical limits for finally getting his Oscar.  Here is a quick montage of all things Leo.

For Leonardo DiCaprio and his fans, it was the moment of truth.  It’s always eluded him and his legion of fans and they were probably holding their collective breaths right to the very end. Nonetheless, the long wait was worth it; Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his first Oscar!

It had seemed elusive after five nominations, but last night was his night. The honor was long overdue and thankfully, he was finally recognized. And just to bring reinforce his true capabilities as an actor, we’ve found a seven-minute clip that showcases just how incredible DiCaprio’s skills are.

Before last night, he had been snubbed a record five times and while he never really complained publicly (which is amazing), he just kept channeling his passion into the next project and the next project.  There is no better way to honor this talented actor than taking a look at his best moments on the screen. To help, one internet guru has put together this ‘cinematic revolution’ of DiCaprio that will obviously make you wonder how such a talented Thespian had never won this prestigious award.

Considering that there is not enough time to watch every single movie that DiCaprio has appeared in, this clip is an absolutely perfect way to catch up to what you might have missed or forgotten that he was in. It includes clips from Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, The Beach, The Wolf of Wall Street, Shutter Island, Inception and many more.  It’s a must see, even if you aren’t a Leo fan.