Are you one of those who like to be the last one out of the movie theater so you can see all of the credits?  Well if you are, then you’ve probably caught a lot of these, but for us mortals these Easter eggs are classic.

In the modern movie world, fans seem to be very interested in many things, not just the plot. Movie directors are now making it a habit to include stings that are either funny or detailed at the end of movies. These directors seem to have noticed that fun does not have to stop with the end of the plot. Instead, they have realized the essence of adding extra goodies that are likely to keep fans glued.

These side-splitting jokes are cleverly hidden within the credits and require hawk-eyed fans to find. Here are some of the amazing treats hidden in various movie credits.

10. Back to the FutureMr.-Peabody-and-Sherman

The ill-fated trip that Mart McFly made to the Peabody’s farm was a highlight in the movie. In that scene, the farmer’s son appears for a second, but gets credited as “Sherman Peabody”, which is actually referencing to Mr. Peabody and Sherman who famously starred in the classic time travel cartoon series.

9. Harry PotterHarry-Potter

In Harry Porter series, there was that famed map that enormously helped Harry and his friends track fellow students and teachers in real time. In the credits section, the movie follows a number of footprints in the map that seems to get romantic. Many claim it was too adult, but the directors explained that it was a childhood kiss.

8. Robocoprobocop

When a good cop is slaughtered and rebuilt into a machine, the homicidal robots become scarier. The movie directors uses a creative final copyright notice that states that there may be civil liability and prosecution by enforcement droids, but they are unlikely to have followed on their threat.

7. Frozenfrozen

Many movies always claim that nobody was hurt and the stunts were carried out by professionals, but the directors of Frozen distance themselves from this view and claim that it does not represent their opinions.

6. Mission Impossible 3_Mission-Impossible-3

The movie’s director ignites conspiracy by thanking the Hanso Foundation, the company credited by the mystifying DHARMA Project.

5. Finding NEMOnemo

This Pixar movie gives an unexplained credit appearance to the swimming, Mike Wazowski, who stars in the movie, Monsters Inc.

4. Pulp Fictionpull

When Quentin Tarantino’s last line is prematurely cut short with his last two words being ‘Coffee Shop’, the director sees it wise to credit the actor as “Coffee Shop” instead of “Coffee shop manager”.

3. Guardians of the Galaxygalaxy

With the line “no animals were injured” being a Hollywood movie credit cliché, the directors of this movie did their part by awkwardly changing it to; “no raccoons or tree creatures were injured”.

2. Fight Clubfight

When screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker did some little work on the movie that did not deserve credit, the directors creatively credit him with the police detectives in the movie naming them; “Detective Andrew, Detective Kevin and Detective Walker”.

1. Bravebrave

The movie famously credits Steve Jobs by creating a unique wisp in his place.