With the upcoming release of the Warcraft movie, these cool pictures have begun to make the rounds and they’re awesome.

Even though nobody knows for sure whether the Warcraft movie that drops on June 10th will be any good, one thing is for sure: the power of its CGI effects is indisputable. Naturally, movie fans expect the film to be full of mystical and magical characters and without doubt, the CGI is what brings such characters to life.

So to give the movie world a little glimpse behind this movie-making process and to create some hype, Reddit user Ziden has shared a collection of stunning posters that offer split-screen side by side comparisons of the actors’ faces alongside the faces of their CGI characters.

These visually impactful images exactly portray the subjects presented, albeit in a horrifying way. There’s actually no difference between the actors and their done-up CGI characters, except for the fact that the bare-faced actors are turned into aggressively sneering characters with the addition of a few fangs, facial hair and horns.

With cool names such as “Grommash Hellscream,” we hope that the upcoming film will live up to its billing in the same way these side by side comparisons have done.