One would think that the Easter Bunny was one of the writers on the new Better Call Saul AMC show given the number of Breaking Bad easter eggs laying around.

Better Call Saul was set six years prior to the happenings of Breaking Bad, and trails the life of Walt’s lawyer Saul Goodman as he attempts to start a law company in New Mexico. While fans were wondering whether they may see Jesse, Walt and Skyler again, the show’s producers released this captivating video to show how the two shows are connected, especially regarding Saul before the events of Breaking Bad.

It turns out that setting the timeline wasn’t a walk in the park for the show’s producers.

“We try to reference back to Breaking Bad as much as we can on Better Call Saul and that involves anything from the appearance of a character to virtually any scene (from) Breaking Bad, even though it’s not quite easy,” said co-creator, Vince Gilligan.

As at now, it’s clear that some references to Breaking Bad are much more obvious in Better Call Saul, while others are just minor. For instance, in Saul’s final appearance on Breaking Bad, he tells Walt; “I’m lucky. In a month’s time, best case scenario, I’m managing a Cinnabon in Omaha.” True to his prediction, that’s exactly what happens to him in the first scenes of Better Call Saul. This is perhaps one of the saddest, yet most satisfying references to Breaking Bad to see Saul fall so far.

Again, Saul’s future white Cadillac in Breaking Bad is visible in Better Call Saul. He hasn’t acquired enough money for his dream car at the beginning of Better Call Saul, and instead drives an old yellow Suzuki. However, when he walks to a parking lot, we see a white Cadillac parked right next to his Suzuki.

These are just a few Breaking Bad Easter eggs from Better Call Saul, how many of them have you noticed so far?