Tech keeps playing a bigger and bigger role in the movie business and now you can see exactly how much.

Since the original release of Cinderella in 1950, Charles Perrault’s fairy tale has made it to the silver screens an incredible six times. With Disney’s particularly unending interest in reimagining one of its most popular animated features; the Cinderella, fans never seem to get tired of these remakes. Without doubt, this iconic animated feature seems to have a way of finding life on the big screens. On its latest live-action remake, Cinderella appears to find its authority from the vivacious visual effects that are involved.


The authoritative and captivating visual effects enable the film’s directors to magically balloon four mice into graceful white horses, two lizards are miraculously compelled to serve as improvised footmen and an unaware old goose is tricked into driving a pumpkin carriage. Using such visual effects works perfect in remaking the live-action and retelling     the 65-year-old fairytale to a new generation and exploiting every fresh interest that advanced technologies present.


The special visual effects and CGI that are shown off in the live-action remake perhaps strengthen the argument that the Cinderella classic would never have been made convincingly in 1950 due to lack of advanced technology. For that matter, the special effects are amazing as they even make costumes look stunning too.


Those who have had the opportunity of going through Cinderella’s old versions will surely agree that this latest version is cool and magically brings the classic fairytale into the 21st century in a different way, thanks to the special visual effects. These effects only serve to enhance the film with intricate details that keep fans captivated in every moment and bring the classic animation to life.