How does she do it?  She has two kids, a crazy career and has to deal with being in the public eye all the time.  Well here are some of her tips on staying on top of her game.

Jennifer Lopez is as amazing as she was during her Jenny days from the Block; she’s 46 years old but seems so young and healthy. Don’t you want to know her secrets? Well, we certainly are disclosing some of her secrets. Tracy Anderson, her personal trainer, disclosed some of her enchanted secrets, and revealed that Jennifer is a firm believer of unprocessed and vegetables-heavy diet. According to Tracy Anderson, Jennifer’s diet is completely organic and very well thought out; her food is all about a mixture of quality proteins and a lot of nutrients.

Jennifer Lopez begins her day with a protein shake and a cup of decaf coffee. And for lunch, she opts for a vegetable salad and fresh salmon. She finishes her day with a mixture of grains – usually quinoa. Everything in Jennifer’s diet is fresh, and she doesn’t allow any sort of processed food. However, protein shakes are an exception for Jennifer, because the protein powder comes under the category of processed food.

Jennifer Lopez always sticks to her healthy diet, but she occasionally cheats and ditches her regular diet plan for something sweet. She believes that we all have a sweet tooth, and there’s not any harm in going out of the way to eat something sugary. According to the American Idol judge, once in a while, everyone gets a craving for potato chips, cake, fried chicken, or a cookie. But it is always about being in control and trying to be good.

It is not just her diet that has been keeping her so radiant and young. According to Jennifer, she hardly ever goes in the sun and even if she does, she wears sunscreen to protect her skin. That’s the reason it is so maintained. She is also against smoking and drinking alcohol or caffeine.

She adds more weight to her healthy diet with lots of hardcore workouts; usually 3 or 4 times a week. Her trainers David Kirsch and Tracy Anderson keep her on her toes with boxing, pushups, and planks. Jennifer is very careful when it comes to her beauty sleep. According to her, she would love to get at least nine to ten hours of sleep, but she does not get that so seven to eight hours of sleep is mandatory for her.

Jennifer’s diet plan is easy to adopt. This particular approach may not be as strict as Tom Bradley and Gisele’s, but it is undoubtedly working like a charm for Jennifer Lopez. Well, we all can see the result. Jennifer Lopez, who’s a mother of 2 adorable kids, avoids all sorts of processed and ready-to-eat meals that are available in the market and opts for fresh food. She feels privileged to be surrounded with such excellent trainers and is always up to share her tips on her great lifestyle.

Featured Image: Instagram / jlo