Its not surprising that stress levels are at all time high with most people these days.  The economy, jobs and global tensions are all contributing to a heightened amount of angry people.

We are always hearing about the rising temperature of the planet and the change of climate. But have we ever stopped and thought about the rising temper and emotional temperature?

A survey showed that two out of three people got angry once a day in America because of what they saw on the news or heard about. Anger is not only dangerous for your career or your personal life; it has a huge effect on your body as well. Anger triggers the fight-or-flight instinct in your body that results in the flood of adrenaline and stress hormone, cortisol, which affects the immune system of your body by impairing memory, T-cell count, and reduces cells that help fight certain kinds of tumors and viruses.

Here are five steps that will help you convert your anger and lead you towards a healthier life:

Rate your angerRate-your-anger

When you rate your anger, you’re distancing yourself from it constructively. Rather than being furious, you are simply an observer of the anger as an object that has your attention. In just a few minutes, you have shifted your bond to the anger. You can rank your order into the following categories:

Small annoyance, irritation, or anger that is forgotten quickly, for instance, standing in a line that is moving slowly.

Anger that is medium-sized and makes you very upset or mad like when the same behavior is repeated by a coworker that affects your work and infuriates you.

Anger that makes you lose control like throwing things across the room, cursing, or shouting.

Relax your Body and BreatheRelax-your-Body-and-Breathe

Make your body calm by relaxing the posture of your body and breathing. This is an important thing because as your body is at ease, your mind also relaxes.

The first thing to do is hold your hands behind your head or back and take a deep breath. Before you exhale, hold that position for a few seconds. Let your hands and jaw relax and raise your arms in the sky like you do while stretching.

After your body is relaxed, smile, and change the expressions on your face.

Get Inquisitive about Your FuryGet-Inquisitive-about-Your-Fury

Take a second and think about the situation or thing that made you angry. Ask yourself this question: what, and who, set off the trigger?

Loosen the Anger KnotLoosen-the-Anger-Knot

Think back and try to find the origin of the anger knot in your life. Is this inherited from your family? Or did you learn this anger?

By exploring, you may eventually get a greater understanding and stop the knot of anger from getting tighter.

Find a New Directiontake-a-walk

Since you have calmed down, get some distance between you and your anger. You can always talk to a good friend or take a walk.

You are now offered a more supportive, gentle, and kind antidote to anger. It is time to get rid of all those anger ties.