Always love it when fans take up the cause for all of us and create some cool projects that we can all enjoy.

Even though it was a non-profit fan-tribute to the original Legend of Zelda, it wasn’t expected to last, as the original game is still on sale on Nintendo’s eShop, so it was only a matter of time, we suppose. The homage to the game, which took Nintendo fans by storm just before the weekend has already been taken down by its creators at the request of Nintendo.

This amazing, but sad story began last week when two Nintendo fans; Scott Lininger and Mike Magee created a tribute to one of the arguably the best games of all time: the original Legend of Zelda, which was created in 1986 by Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was titled The Legend of Zelda 30 Year Tribute was a faithful reproduction in voxel-based isometric 3D. The game was entirely made to be played from the browser and had an 8-bit soundtrack found in the original game.


However, because of copyright infringements, the game is no longer available, but the guys posted a “thank you” note on their official Facebook page, and asked fans to stay calm and not to be bitter.

“Big thanks to folks who played our game! We learned a lot and got some codes that others can also learn from. We will post the project once we’ve fully removed Nintendo-owned assets,” the pair wrote.

While it did infringe on copyrights these two fans did a great job in celebrating thirty years of the Legend of Zelda. Perhaps, much better than Nintendo’s own tribute.