You just never know where you’ll find them.

Pokémon GO is causing a worldwide storm since its release as it challenges players to get off their seats and go out into the real world with the aim of finding Pokémon creatures in real-life locations. With pretty much any regard for normal life courtesies, these creatures can appear just about anywhere at any time. And they have!

To Pokémon it doesn’t matter. The seriously addictive game that’s available on iOS and Android for users around the world is turning up in some pretty unanticipated places. Whether you’re at a funeral, in the bathroom, on a train, heading off to work or in the swimming pool the little monsters may make an appearance at any time.

And because it’s now the most popular game, players are sharing their adventures on social media and believe it, they’re some of the funniest and most shocking discoveries we’ve seen.

Check out some of the most outrageous and wittiest places they’ve been found so far. They’ll might just may make you want to play.

You Got a Pokeman Where 01

You Got a Pokeman Where 02

You Got a Pokeman Where 03

You Got a Pokeman Where 04

You Got a Pokeman Where 05