Yep, makes you feel old and you probably don’t want to believe it, but its true, Pokémon is no longer a teenager.

On 27th February some twenty years ago, the amazing video game known as Pokémon reached the shores of the world. The simple video game introduced a handheld Game Boy Color that first premiered in Japan in 1996. Two decades later last weekend, Pokémon has turned into a revered gaming institution. It is full of adorable little creatures that often battle each other in a unique concept that has, for the last twenty years, been fun for every generation.

And in honor of this amazing video game, one Bryan Menegus has compiled an incredible video featuring over 100 Pokémon games that shows how this fun-filled series has evolved over the years. For those who were captivated by this legendary game, it is easy to remember that the game made its way to North America in 1997, a year after debuting in Japan. Its introduction to the United States sparked an overwhelming craze that saw millions of Americans from all ages building collections of Pokémon’s little monsters.

The infatuation to the Pokémon game series didn’t stop there as it soon hit the screens with a “Pokémon” animated series before the Pokémon Movie came along in 2000. The game’s franchise that is currently valued at more than $40 billion soon became a pop-culture titan and was now available in every other part of the world including world games, billboards and TV adverts. Regardless of the platform on which Pokémon appeared, it seemed to have the abilities to evolve into a powerful product, thanks to its entrenched fan base.

As arguably the most popular entertainment property in the world, there is actually no sign that Pokémon games are coming to a halt anytime soon. Its recent Super Bowl ad is a testimony.