Here’s our look at some of the best Open World games out there today.

Open World games were created when developers realized they had a chance to build entire worlds that consisted of well thought out landscapes and then go ahead and upgrade them using mission design, player agencies, dynamic events, and licenses to experiment with your favorite character’s abilities. Here we list the 6 best open world games:

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicategamve-open-world-02

Ubisoft has put in the time and released a game that has its basic faces intact – transforming the once landmark series into one that plays out in Victorian London. With thanks to AC standard attention being paid to the accurate historical details, you get a taste of everything from numerous chimney sweeping worker children as well as the Buckingham Palace’s Beef eater guards are on prime display.

The mission points have been scattered across the London city, and between missions, you will dart off and clear out warehouses full of guards, free the prisoners, go under ground to find old artifacts, as well as just do sightseeing.